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Deck the Halls: Men's Christmas Hoodies

Whether you're going for a festive or a funny look, Christmas hoodies are a staple in everyone's winter wardrobe. But what makes a hoodie a Christmas one, and when should you start wearing it? Here's our ultimate guide.

The Christmas season brings joy, warmth, and the perfect excuse to flaunt your favourite Christmas hoodie. From knowing what to pair with your Christmas sweater to understanding how to wear your hoodie to the best effect, we've got you covered.What Counts as a Christmas Jumper?

A Christmas jumper, often referred to as a Christmas sweater or Christmas hoodie, typically includes festive elements like reindeer, snowflakes, Santa Claus, or holiday phrases. Essentially, if it spreads cheer, it's a Christmas jumper.

What Day is Jumper Day?

Jumper Day, more formally known as Christmas Jumper Day, is usually celebrated on a specific Friday in December. In 2021, it was on December 10th. However, the date changes each year, so be sure to check with Save the Children, the organisation that created the day.

Who Created Christmas Jumper Day?

Christmas Jumper Day was created by Save the Children, a charity organisation that provides aid and support to children in need. The day is meant to raise awareness and funds for the organisation's ongoing efforts.

Why is There a Christmas Jumper Day?

Christmas Jumper Day is about more than just sporting festive attire. It's a fundraising event by Save the Children, encouraging people to donate while spreading Christmas cheer.

When Should I Start Wearing Christmas Jumpers?

There's no hard rule, but many start wearing their Christmas jumpers after Thanksgiving. However, if you're particularly excited about the festive season, feel free to start earlier!

Can You Wear a Christmas Jumper on Boxing Day?

Absolutely! Christmas jumpers can be worn throughout the festive season, and that includes Boxing Day.

What Do You Wear Under a Christmas Jumper?

Usually, a comfortable t-shirt or a long-sleeve shirt is worn under a Christmas jumper, depending on the weather and your personal preference.

Should I Wear a Shirt Under My Christmas Sweater?

Wearing a shirt under your Christmas sweater is entirely up to you. Some people do, especially if it's chilly outside, while others might prefer the feel of the sweater directly on their skin.

Is a Jumper a Sweater in Ireland?

Yes, in Ireland and the UK, what Americans call a "sweater" is often referred to as a "jumper."

What to Do if You Don't Have a Christmas Jumper?

If you don't have a Christmas jumper, you can make your own by adding festive decorations to a regular jumper. Alternatively, you can wear a regular jumper in festive colours, like red or green.

Are Christmas Jumpers a British Thing?

While Christmas jumpers are popular in the UK, their appeal is international. People all around the world enjoy wearing festive attire during the holiday season.

What Percentage of People Own a Christmas Jumper?

In the UK, it's estimated that over 80% of people own a Christmas jumper. While we don't have exact numbers for other countries, Christmas jumpers are widely popular globally.

Why Do Brits Call Hoodies Jumpers?

The term "jumper" in Britain typically refers to a pullover garment worn on the upper body. This can include what Americans call sweaters, pullovers, or even hoodies.

What's the Difference Between a Jumper and a Hoodie?

A hoodie is a type of jumper (or sweater) that includes a hood, while a jumper doesn't necessarily have one.

What is a Hoodie Without a Hood Called?

A hoodie without a hood is typically referred to as a sweatshirt or jumper.

Is a Hoodie Warmer than a Sweatshirt?

A hoodie is generally warmer than a sweatshirt due to the added warmth from the hood. However, the overall warmth will also depend on the material of the garment.

What Do You Call a Jumper Without a Hoodie?

A jumper without a hoodie is typically called a sweater or pullover.

What Do You Call a Jumper With No Sleeves?

A jumper without sleeves is commonly referred to as a sweater vest or a knitted vest.

What Do You Call an Open Sweater With No Buttons?

An open sweater with no buttons is often called a cardigan or an open-front sweater.

Where Does the Term Bunny Hug Come From?

The term "bunny hug" is predominantly used in Saskatchewan, Canada, to refer to a hoodie. It likely derives from an early 20th-century dance move known as the "bunny hug," which involved dancers closely hugging each other.

Can You Wear a Sweater to a Christmas Party?

Yes, you can! A Christmas sweater, especially one with festive motifs, is perfectly acceptable at most casual Christmas parties.

Can You Wash a Christmas Jumper?

Yes, but be sure to check the garment's care label for specific washing instructions.

What Percentage of People in UK Own a Christmas Jumper?

A reported 83% of people in the UK own a Christmas jumper, according to a 2020 study by environmental charity Hubbub.

How Many Christmas Jumpers Are Thrown Away Each Year?

The same Hubbub study estimates that around two million jumpers are discarded each year in the UK.

How Many British People Own a Christmas Jumper?

Roughly 83% of British people own a Christmas jumper, equating to more than 55 million jumpers.

What Colour Pants to Wear With Christmas Sweater?

Pair your Christmas sweater with neutral colours like black, grey, or beige. You could also opt for denim.

When Should You Stop Wearing Christmas Clothes?

Most people stop wearing Christmas-themed attire after New Year's Day, but the choice is ultimately yours.

How Do You Make a Christmas Sweater Uglier?

To make your Christmas sweater "uglier," add more festive décor like tinsel, oversized bows, and baubles. The gaudier, the better!

How Do You Make a Homemade Christmas Jumper?

To make a homemade Christmas jumper, take a plain sweater and add festive elements like Christmas-themed appliqués, sequins, or fabric paint designs.

How Do You Attach Christmas Ornaments to a Sweater?

Christmas ornaments can be attached to a sweater using a hot glue gun or strong fabric glue.

Are Hoodies in Fashion?

Yes, hoodies have been a fashion staple for years due to their comfort and versatility. You can dress them up or down depending on the occasion.

Are Pullover Hoodies Better?

Pullover hoodies and zip-up hoodies serve different purposes. Pullovers are cozy and casual, while zip-ups are more versatile and easier to layer.

Why Is It Called a Hoodie?

The term "hoodie" comes from the Anglo-Saxon word "hōd," which simply means a "hood." Its modern usage started in the 1990s.

What Is a Sweater With a Zipper Called?

A sweater with a zipper is often called a zip-up sweater or a zip-front cardigan.

Why Wear a Hoodie?

Hoodies are versatile, cozy, and provide an effortless casual style. They're easy to layer and offer extra warmth with their hood.

Why Do Americans Say Sweater?

The term "sweater" comes from the garment's original purpose — to induce sweating during physical activity. It's since become a catch-all term for knitted upper garments.

What Do You Wear Under a Hoodie?

A t-shirt or a long-sleeve shirt is commonly worn under a hoodie.

Do Oversized Hoodies Look Good on Guys?

Yes, oversized hoodies can look stylish on guys, especially when paired with fitted jeans or joggers.

How Do You Rock a Hoodie?

To rock a hoodie, pair it with well-fitting jeans and stylish sneakers. Layer it over a t-shirt and add accessories like a beanie or cap for an effortlessly cool look.

How Can I Look Good in a Hoodie?

To look good in a hoodie, ensure it fits well — not too baggy or too tight. Pair it with jeans or chinos and finish the look with clean, good-quality sneakers.

Should a Hoodie Be Oversized?

This comes down to personal preference. Oversized hoodies can be fashionable, but make sure it's not so large that it overwhelms your frame.

Can You Wear a Hoodie With Jeans?

Yes, a hoodie paired with jeans is a classic casual outfit. It's stylish yet comfortable.

Can Chubby Guys Wear Oversized?

Yes, chubby guys can wear oversized clothing. However, it's important to balance the look with fitted pieces to avoid looking sloppy.

Do Skinny Guys Look Good in Baggy Clothes?

Yes, baggy clothes can look good on skinny guys, but the key is balance. Pair an oversized hoodie with fitted pants for a fashionable look.

How Do You Rock Baggy Hoodies?

Rock a baggy hoodie by pairing it with fitted pants or jeans to balance the look. Add sneakers for a laid-back vibe.

Is Wearing a Hoodie to the Gym OK?

Yes, it's OK to wear a hoodie to the gym, especially during colder months. It can also be helpful for warming up before workouts.

Which Colour Hoodie Is Best for Black Jeans?

Nearly any colour hoodie will look good with black jeans. For a minimalist look, opt for a black or white hoodie. For a pop of colour, try red or blue.

How Do You Know if a Hoodie Is Too Big?

If the hoodie extends past your wrists and hips, or if the shoulder seams hang off your shoulders, it might be too big.

Should Hoodies Be Folded?

Yes, folding your hoodies can help save space and keep them wrinkle-free.

How Oversized Is Too Oversized for a Hoodie?

If your hoodie is so large it restricts movement, or if it's baggy to the point of looking sloppy, it's probably too oversized.

Are Oversized Hoodies in Fashion?

Yes, oversized hoodies are in fashion and can provide a comfy yet stylish look when paired correctly.

Does Oversized Look Good?

Oversized can look good when styled correctly. Pair oversized items with more fitted pieces for a balanced look.

Why Do I Look Bigger in a Hoodie?

A hoodie might make you look bigger if it's too baggy or bulky. Opt for a hoodie that fits you well — it should be roomy but not oversized.

What Size Hoodie Should I Get if I'm 5'9"?

If you're 5'9", you'll likely fit a medium or large hoodie, depending on the brand and your body type. Always check the brand's size guide for the best fit.

How Do You Tuck in a Hoodie?

Tucking in a hoodie can create a bulky look. Instead, try a French tuck, where only the front part of the hoodie is tucked in, allowing for a more streamlined look.

What Pants Go With an Oversized Hoodie?

Fitted jeans, chinos, or joggers pair well with oversized hoodies, as they provide a balance to the look.

What Do You Wear Under an Oversized Hoodie?

You can wear a t-shirt or a long-sleeve shirt under an oversized hoodie. In warmer weather, the hoodie might be enough on its own.

Should Hoodies Be Baggy or Tight?

Hoodies should ideally be roomy and comfortable without being overly baggy or too tight. They should allow for easy movement and layering.

What Pants to Wear Under Hoodies?


Pair hoodies with well-fitted jeans, joggers, or chinos for a stylish, casual look.


There you have it – everything you need to know about Christmas hoodies. So whether you're celebrating Jumper Day or simply getting into the festive spirit, make sure to do it in style!