About me



SG Murphy is an independent artist and digital designer.

All designs are original and created by SG Murphy, and every art piece designed has been invented for the first time and has not been published anywhere else in the world.

"I've always had a passion for art since I was a kid. Getting in a lot of trouble with my teachers for drawing all over every book and copy I had, being kept in on my lunch break to redraw my artwork for competitions because the teachers didn't believe that I did the work myself. I would draw on the walls and draw in the muck with a stick.

As I moved up in school, I would get my knuckles beat hard regularly with a piece of timber or a ruler along with the head slaps the hair-pulling after the teachers would catch me scribbling on my books and all over my desk. They didn't understand. I just wanted to redecorate the whole school. Trust me. It would have improved it.

I enjoyed art in school and kept doing it throughout my school years, where I achieved an A in the Junior Cert Exams. Thanks to my talented art teacher Miss Kelly who showed me new skills and techniques in the world of art. But it wasn't for me. There weren't many art jobs around when I left school. It wasn't a career if you didn't get to college. I didn't gain appropriate marks to enter any art college.



I was moving in all different directions in my life, working in many jobs but still drawing on the side. If I got my hands on a pencil, I would draw everywhere. On the building sights, on pieces of timber, on my hard hat and even my boots. But I always missed art and had an empty feeling in life without it. I kept it up as a hobby and past time drawing Celtic dragons, spirals and knots, but my pencils would always go missing for some reason, no matter where I was. Maybe People like pencils.



I continued going around in circles in my life, trying to find something but not knowing what. But something kept pulling me back to the drawing board. I knew I was always in a different world when drawing, in a zone. I can't explain it. The mind works in many crazy and unusual ways. I had to do what my mind was telling me. It was that or nothing. I decided to chase it and never give in."


I always managed to put my designs somewhere. I created this piece of carpentry when I was 15 years of age for my Junior Cert school exam. The work was made and carved out with a sharp scalpel on a fine wood veneer.



I created this small piece of pencil art in 2015 for two of my very close American friends, Sally and James.

The harp is the national symbol of Ireland and lies lightly in the background. The dragon has the American Stars and Stripes embedded in its wing. The harp was known as a symbol of resistance. History tried to destroy this. It never succeeded. The harp still stands proud in every land and every age.

Sometimes the dragon is considered evil. Others think that the dragon symbolises power, wisdom, strength, and hidden knowledge. “ The embodiment of chaos and untamed nature”

This drawing represents an Irish American friendship between good friends, and later on that year, I had the honour of walking Sally down a sunny garden aisle to take Jame's hand in marriage.



Before I got into the world of digital art, I sketched in pencil and experimented with different shades and 3d effects with a mix of spirals, knotwork, patterns and lettering.




In October 2017, I decided to jump into the digital side of art. Not knowing anything about it, I kept my head down and studied the different visual concepts of art on an online platform. 



Shane G Murphy