About me




SG Murphy is an independent artist and digital designer.

All designs are original and created by SG Murphy, and every art piece designed has been invented for the first time and has not been published anywhere else in the world.

 "From a young age, art has been a profound passion of mine. My school books were a testament to this passion, doodled upon from cover to cover. Even as teachers doubted the authenticity of my drawings for competitions, forcing me to recreate them, my commitment to art never wavered. Whether sketching in the dirt or on walls, my canvas was everywhere.

As I progressed through school, my rebellious artistic spirit often landed me in trouble. Teachers, failing to understand my drive, would often punish me with a sharp rap on the knuckles or a tug on the hair when they found my sketches on desks or books. My desire? To artistically transform the entire school; it surely would've benefitted.

My love for art continued in school and was even reflected in my grades, bagging an A in the Junior Cert Exams. Yet, despite my passion, pursuing art as a career seemed unattainable. The local job market wasn't teeming with opportunities for artists, and without college, it seemed impossible. Unfortunately, my scores didn't make the cut for art schools.

 Throughout my life, I took on various jobs, yet art remained a constant sideline. Give me a pencil, and I'd find a canvas, whether it was construction sites, planks of wood, my protective helmet, or even my boots. Despite these endeavours, a void persisted without fully immersing in art. I continued to sketch Celtic designs and patterns as a leisurely pursuit. Strangely, my pencils always seemed to vanish, perhaps a testament to the universal appeal of a good pencil.



I kept feeling like I was on a never-ending loop in life, searching for an elusive something. Yet, there was this magnetic pull towards my sketches. Drawing transported me to another realm, a special zone. It's hard to put into words. The mind has its unique and mysterious ways of directing us. Listening to that inner voice became essential for me. It was either that or remain unfulfilled. I chose to follow that call and remain unwavering in my pursuit.

I always managed to put my designs somewhere. I created this piece of carpentry when I was 15 years of age for my Junior Cert school exam. The work was made and carved out with a sharp scalpel on a fine wood veneer.


I created this small piece of pencil art in 2015 for two of my very close American friends, Sally and James.

The harp, Ireland's emblem, subtly graces the backdrop. Within the dragon's wing, one can discern the Stars and Stripes of America. Historically, the harp represented defiance. Despite attempts to erase its significance, it prevailed. To this day, the harp stands tall, resonating across lands and generations.

While some view the dragon as a symbol of malevolence, many believe it represents might, intelligence, resilience, and concealed wisdom. It's often seen as the embodiment of chaos and untamed nature.

This drawing represents an Irish American friendship between good friends, and later on that year, I had the honour of walking Sally down a sunny garden aisle to take Jame's hand in marriage.


I drafted my designs using pencil, playing with varied tones and experimenting with three-dimensional effects, intertwining spirals, intricate knotwork, patterns, and typography.




In October 2017, I took the plunge into the realm of digital art. Unfamiliar with the territory, I diligently immersed myself in understanding various artistic concepts through online learning.




Shane G Murphy