Premium Cotton

Cotton Fibre

Cotton fibre holds dye and prints very well. It is ideal for graphic tees and vector design. Cotton stretch and cotton-polyester fabric are in most t-shirts, and the stretch cotton is water-absorbing, soft and breathable.

Cotton fibre is the most natural fibre used in fabric production. It is a long, thin, threadlike substance that is extracted fro the seed of the cotton plant. Cotton is the only fibre that can be spun into thread without breaking. The two most common types of cotton are Egyptian and American long cotton. 

Premium Cotton

Premium Cotton is the best cotton on the market. It is more durable and comfortable with a smoother and silky feel. The difference between cotton and premium cotton is the fibre length and the number of fibres or the weight of fibres.

Airlume cotton is a natural fibre made from cotton stalks that have been chopped and sun into thread. It has a soft, lightweight feel and is used for a wide variety of fabrics, including sheets, towels, clothing, and upholstery. It is a long-staple cotton fibre that is both strong and soft. It has a high resistance to abrasion and is a very popular choice for fabric softener sheets and pillow cases. 

American Cotton

Upland and Pima cotton is grown in the US. They are the two different types of cotton species grown in America, and they are grown in California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Mississippi and Louisiana.

Pima cotton is considered the best cotton with longer cotton fibre. It is high-quality, long-lasting, wrinkle-resistant and softer to touch. Pima premium cotton is more expensive because it only grows in a few countries around the globe.